Transforming Mole Scanning Services in Hamilton and the Waikato

At Skin Scan Clinic, formerly known as SkinScanningNZ, we use advanced technology to deliver affordable and effective skin scanning, mole scanning, AI comparison and melanoma detection services.
We’re transforming the mole scanning industry in Hamilton by doing things differently. We embrace progress and technology, and we have fully adopted the DermEngine system to make mole scanning more accessible for everyone. DermEngine is the world’s most intelligent platform for skin scanning and melanoma detection.
At Skin Scan Clinic, we love to connect with people to enhance their health. The sun is our friend and we want to help people re-think how they can live in harmony with the sun and nature while protecting their skin.
Our skin is the largest organ and plays a vital role in our health. We don’t just care about your moles – we care about you, and we want to give you the key to take care of your health by taking care of your skin.

Leading the way

Our training and experience in the field of melanoma prevention is extensive. Skin Scan Clinic founder Dr Sakkie Fourie is a general practitioner specially trained in advanced surgery for GPs. Dr Fourie has a qualification in the early detection of skin cancers. With 40 years’ experience as a GP, and 14 years’ experience in the field of skin scanning, melanoma detection and mole removal, Dr Fourie is a leader in his field in the Waikato.

Welcome to the new website for SkinscanningNZ

SkinscanningNZ has been rebranded and now known as the Skin Scan Clinic.

We still offer the same affordable mole mapping service in Hamilton; just under a new name.