Mole Mapping and Melanoma Detection in Hamilton

At Skin Scan Clinic, we believe in making it possible for everyone to have good, healthy skin. We use advanced technology to make skin scanning and melanoma detection more affordable and accessible to people.

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Diagnostic Imaging

At Skin Scan Clinic we use the latest technology to make mole mapping more accessible, effective and affordable. We use Canadian-designed DermEngine Ultra High Definition System to examine and photograph suspicious skin lesions. DermEngine is the most intelligent platform for skin scanning and mole mapping. DermEngine enables us to simplify the mole mapping process and make more intelligent decisions on the management and removal of moles.

Treating skin cancers

At Skin Scan Clinic we can perform minor skin surgery to remove early skin cancers. When required, we will refer you to a specialist for more complicated removals.
Non-surgical treatment can also be performed at the clinic.


  • First Full Body Dermoscopic Skin check and mapping: $195.00
    • A full body dermoscopic skin check and full body imaging and mole mapping. It takes approximately 45-60 minutes.  See our FAQs to find out how to prepare for a skin scan. Web bookings available. Choose ‘Initial Mole Map’.

  • Follow up Full Body Dermoscopic Skin Check, Mapping and Comparison: $195.00
    • • Recheck of all images and comparisons done. It takes approximately 60 min.
      • Web Bookings available – Please choose ‘Follow up Mole map’

  • Limited area imaging: $150
    • A limited area (back only, face only etc.) skin check are completed using Specific area imaging and a dermoscopic check of the area. We recommend a full body skin check and mole map so that your maps can be assessed over time. No web bookings available for this skin check – please phone 0800272337 and request this check

  • Spot Check: $90
    • Only recommended for people with low risk skin that only has 2-3 spots of concern.

  • Surgical fees
    • If minor surgery is required, we will advise you of the fees during your appointment. You can request to visit your doctor

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We still offer the same affordable mole mapping service in Hamilton; just under a new name.