Skin Health and Therapy

As our body’s largest organ, our skin needs to be protected and nourished.  Just by following a basic skin care regime it is possible to protect the skin from everyday wear and tear and assist in combating environmental stresses such as pollution, sun and wind exposure, lack of sleep, poor diet choices, work or lifestyle pressures.

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The aging process

From the moment we are born our cells begin to age. This is a natural process and cannot be stopped. There is, however, much we can do to slow the signs of ageing. External free radicals are probably the biggest contributor to premature ageing. However, it should be noted that the skin itself produces free radicals as a part of its normal function. Free radicals are responsible for oxidative stress. Oxidative stress damages cells and slows down regeneration. As we begin to age, our in-built anti-oxidant coping systems slow and eventually begin to fail. This is when damage can accumulate. The higher the level of exposure to external damage (sun, environment, poor diet etc), the higher the level of free radicals in the body becomes and as such, the ageing process will quicken. The chronological age of our cells has a huge influence on the condition of the skin. Poor skin health will be reflected in the skin’s texture, colour and secretions. Of paramount importance for skin at any age is ensuring adequate protection from the harmful rays of the sun.

Designer treatment for your skin

Ground-breaking technology used by Dermaviduals, provides the platform for a skin-mimicking concept that
is customisable using a derma membrane structure and active concentrates

  • dermaviduals products contain only the purest of ingredients from around the world and are free
    from fragrances, conventional emulsifiers, preservatives, parabens, silicones, amines, mineral oils
    and colours.
  • The range includes over 40 different active serums encapsulated in liposomes (or nanoparticles),
    which fuse and strengthen the bilayers of the skin, enabling effective penetration of the active
    ingredients. Once released, these agents permeate the skin’s barrier in a pure and safe manner,
    ensuring optimal delivery.
  • dermaviduals base creams are uniquely formulated with a derma membrane structure (DMS)
    utilising physiological ingredients that work to strengthen the first barrier of skin defence. It has a
    direct affinity to the structure and function of the skin’s cell membranes and the bilayers of the epidermis.

Frequently asked questions

  • Fees and modalities
    • – Comprehensive Skin Analysis: (35min) – $80 – Book now
      – Basic Derma Express: (35min) – $85 – Book now
      – Rejuvenate Facial: (45min) – $95 – Please phone 0800272337 to book
      – Oxidative Stress Facial: (60min) – $160– Please phone 0800272337 to book
      – Crème da la crème (90min) – $195 – Please phone 0800272337 to book
      – Medical Dermal Needling: (60min) – $299 – Please Phone 0800272337 to book
      (Learn about Exceed MicroNeedling)
      – Package 1 – 3 needling sessions + 3 Enzyme treatments – $955 (Excl Products)
      – Package 2 – 6 Needling sessions + 6Enzyme treatments – $2088 (Excl Products)
      The Ultimate restoration:(over a course of 6 months) $4500 – Including products worth $2500

      I. Comprehensive skin Analysis
      II. 6 Needling sessions
      III. 6 Enzyme treatments
      IV. 6 Oxidative Stress treatment.
      V. Including some of the products to be used over the 6 month period

  • How does your skin work?
    • Scientific research into the skin and its function indicates that there is an abundance of cell-to-cell communication. If we can deliver active ingredients to the deeper layers of the epidermis (stratum spinosum) we are in turn supplying these cells with all the nutrients they require to function in optimal health and to make their return journey to the outer most layer of our skin (stratum corneum) easier, thus providing you with a balanced, healthy and glowing complexion.

      The stratum corneum looks like a brick wall. The dead horny cells are the bricks and the lipids (oils) between the cells form the mortar. These lipids determine the effectiveness of the protection layer of your skin. If the skin barrier is disordered, the skin has an undesirable look and feel, and is more susceptible to penetration of foreign substances because of its irritated state.

      VIDEO: The Skin Barrier function

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